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Public DMP templates

Templates for data management plans are based on the specific requirements listed in funder policy documents. DMPTuuli maintains these templates, however, researchers should always consult the funder guidelines directly for authoritative information. 

Template Name  Download Organisation Name  Last Updated  Funder Links Create a new plan Sample Plans
(if available) Sample plans are provided by a funder, an organisation or a trusted party.
Business Finland (new window) Opens in new window (new window) Opens in new window Business Finland 08-12-2022 Business Finlandin rahoitusehdot, aineistonhallintasuunnitelmaa koskeva vaatimus on julkisen tutkimuksen rahoitusehtojen kohdassa 13.1, viimeinen kappale. Requires login
Academy of Finland data management plan guidelines (new window) Opens in new window (new window) Opens in new window The Research Council of Finland (former The Academy of Finland) 09-05-2022 Data management plan Requires login